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Tampa, FL

This is a three-year contract procured by Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART) for the assumption of the management of comprehensive environmental assessment and remediation activities at the 21st Avenue Fleet Maintenance facility ultimately moving it towards regulatory compliance and closure. PACSCON personnel served as project principal and senior technical advisor on this $1.72 million contract, the largest contract of its kind ever procured by HART. The HART Facility includes approximately 19-acres of land and includes three buildings denoted as the Main Shop, Preventative Maintenance (PM) Building, and the Main Office Building. This facility operates as the primary administrative, maintenance, parking, and fueling facility for the HARTline bus operations. Onsite environmental investigation activities at the facility date back to 1985 through which five (5) areas of environmental concern (AOC) have been identified. The primary constituents of concern (COCs) at the facility are petroleum-related resulting from the fueling area and seven (7) former USTs located west of the Main Shop, as well as the hydraulic lift systems and former steam clean bay.

City of Tampa HFCAWTP.jpg

City of Tampa

Tampa, FL

The Howard F. Curren Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant (HFCAWTP) was built in 1978, is operated by the City of Tampa, and is the world's largest denitrification filter plant. The plant treats all wastewater discharged to the city system and has a design capacity of 96 million gallons per day, annual average daily flow. Effluent discharge from the plant is continuous and is either discharged to Hillsborough Bay or used as reclaimed water for cooling and irrigation. PACSCON personnel served as project principal in charge of a multidisciplinary team that completed a Comprehensive Facility Audit, Emission Unit Inventory, and Rule Applicability Determination at the plant. As a second phase of work, using the data collected during the initial activities, the project team prepared and negotiated a combined air construction and Title V air renewal permit for the facility. These activities have also been used to guide and inform the capital expenditure allocations under the facility-wide master planning process that is currently being completed for the HFCAWTP by others.


Special Operations Command South (SOCSOUTH)

Miami-Dade County, FL

PACSCON personnel served as project principal for the investigation of Hangar 741 at Homestead AFB including the associated pump house, water storage tank for the fire suppression system in the hangar, and the area within the surrounding fence line. The project was completed as a subconsultant to Stell Environmental Enterprises, Inc. to provide a basis of record of the environmental condition of the building and site prior to its transfer, lease, or reassignment. Specifically, an environmental baseline survey and building hazardous materials assessment were completed for the hangar building and site following USEPA, DOD and ASTM International standards and guidelines.

Nashville National Cemetery.jpg

State Veterans Cemetery Environmental Assessment

Parkers Crossroads, TN

PACSCON personnel served as Project Manager for an Environmental Assessment through the Department of Veterans Affairs and Tennessee Department of Veterans Services. The project entails the development of 132 acres, which will serve more than 45,000 veterans in 17 west Tennessee counties. Our personnel were the primary document reviewer and managed coordination between engineers, surveyors, and government agencies. All field investigations for water and aquatic resources, wildlife and endangered species were led by our personnel. Through coordination and agreements with the resource agencies, the project was able to avoid potential complications due to the endangered Indiana bat and wetlands/streams on the site.