Key members of the PACSCON team and their relevant experience are summarized in the profiles below.  Please contact any of the key team members at (844) 7-PACSCON or to discuss your unique project needs, or contact Chris or Jay as indicated below.

Chris Poole

Chris Poole, CPG

President & COO | Principal

Chris has nearly 25 years of progressive technical and management experience in environmental science and engineering. He specializes in the provision of management consulting services on environmentally impaired property including industrial, commercial, and brownfield sites. He has extensive experience performing real estate due diligence and environmental assessments in accordance with various commercial guidance and state and federal regulatory requirements. He has represented clients and owners in front of local, state and federal regulatory agencies, interacting with these stakeholders to derive successful project outcomes. Chris can be reached at

Jay Chen, Ph.D., PE

Chairman & CEO | Principal

Dr. Chen has 25 years of experience in geotechnical engineering. As geotechnical engineer of record, he has completed many high-profile projects in the area such as high-rise buildings and power plants. Additionally, Jay has managed numerous construction material testing, special inspection, and environmental projects with fees ranging from a few thousands to a million dollars. In addition to geotechnical analyses, he has extensive experience in modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport. He has also completed numerous sinkhole investigation and remediation projects for residential and commercial clients. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the States of Florida and Maryland, and is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Jay can be reached at

Daniel Grossman.jpg

Daniel Grossman, PG

Senior Professional Geologist | Project Manager

Daniel is a Florida-licensed Professional Geologist with nearly 20 years of progressive technical and management experience. He specializes in the assessment and remediation of contaminated and potentially impacted properties, including industrial, commercial, and brownfield sites, and has completed environmental site assessments at properties across the United States and Europe. Daniel has extensive experience performing real estate due diligence and environmental assessments in accordance with various commercial guidance and state and federal regulatory requirements. Throughout his career he has been responsible for all phases of the project lifecycle, and has utilized a variety of technologies to complete assessment objectives.

Melisa Reiter Headshot

Melisa Reiter, PWS

Principal Environmental Scientist

Melisa has 30 years of experience in marine, terrestrial, vegetative, and aquatic ecology. Her specialized expertise includes regulatory permitting; marine studies; habitat assessment and evaluation, water quality studies; seagrass mapping; aerial photo-interpretation; land use mapping; ecological assessments; threatened and endangered species studies; and wetland mitigation design and monitoring. Her regulatory agency experience spans all levels and includes marine-related projects for docks and large-scale marinas, seagrass assessment, and coral reef monitoring. State and federal regulatory permitting experience includes roadway, pipeline, and transmission corridors; large-scale residential subdivision/DRI permitting; industrial, commercial, and mixed-use development permitting; and project development and environment (PD&E) and habitat restoration studies. Melisa has worked on projects across Florida and Puerto Rico.

Leigh Ann Anderson.jpg

Leigh Ann Anderson, MS, PWS, CA

Senior Ecologist | Project Manager

Leigh Ann has over 14 years’ experience with wetland delineation, wildlife surveys, local, state, and federal environmental permitting (Section 404/401/10), report writing, mitigation plans, UMAM assessment, mitigation monitoring, impact minimization and justification assessments, wildlife surveys, and project management.  Her focus is primarily in land development including residential, commercial, industrial, and educational development.  Leigh Ann also has experience in linear transportation projects such as roadways and pipelines.  She is a Professional Wetland Scientist certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists and an ISA Certified Arborist.  She is also an FWC certified Gopher Tortoise Authorized Agent and has managed many tortoise relocation projects.  Leigh Ann is knowledgeable in flora and fauna of Florida and has extensive field work experience having worked on projects ranging in size from ½ acre to 40,000 acres.

Chyrisse Tabone Headshot.jpg

Chyrisse Tabone, Ph.D.

Senior Environmental Consultant

Chyrisse has over 30 years of professional experience in environmental consulting. She has been responsible for the design and implementation of hydrogeological investigations including groundwater monitoring and corrective action programs, UST closures and upgrades, soil excavations, NAPL investigations, solvent (dry cleaning), hazardous waste investigations and surface water investigations, and environmental risk assessments.  In addition, she has been conducting Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments of commercial, industrial, retail, office and multi-family residential properties throughout the United States since 1991. In fact, Chyrisse has performed hundreds of ESAs in accordance with ASTM standards, the USEPA All Appropriate Inquiry rules, Fannie Mae Delegated Underwriting Standards, Freddie Mac guidelines and other client specific scopes of work.  Her environmental expertise includes a detailed understanding of the risks associated with hazardous and regulated materials storage, use generation and disposal, ASTs and USTs, PCBs, ACM, LBP, mold and radon.


Ray Lotito, CET

Principal Solid Waste Consultant

Ray has been providing integrated solid waste services to municipal and private clients for over 36 years.  He has served as project director for large multi-disciplined solid waste projects, which involve design, permitting, project coordination and construction services for various solid waste management facilities, and has "hands-on" experience in all facets of solid waste management.  He has actively participated in and managed waste composition and generation studies, collection studies, waste to energy facility design, process engineering, landfill design, permitting, construction and landfill closures, landfill gas collection and control system (GCCS) design, permitting, and construction and vendor negotiations.  He has prepared materials recovery facility (MRF) designs, conducted recovered materials marketing studies, prepared market sales contracts, developed and managed facility start-up plans, and operation and maintenance contracts.  His experience also includes due diligence on acquisitions of hauling companies, transfer stations, and construction and demolition debris processing facilities.

Al Andreansky.jpg

Al Andreansky, PE

Principal Industrial Engineer

Al has over 30 years of industrial engineering experience. He has extensive with the design, permitting, construction management and inspection related to concrete ready-mix plants and hazardous chemical storage tank systems. His areas of specialization include stormwater treatment and management, industrial wastewater and treatment systems, industrial design of process systems for concrete ready-mix plants and building materials manufacturing facilities, water reuse and disposal systems, industrial ventilation, waste-to-energy facility design, and remediation of petroleum contaminated soil and groundwater. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the States of Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.