Mitigation & Mitigation Banking

Renegade Creek.jpg

Renegade Creek Mitigation Bank

Osceola County, FL

PACSCON personnel are providing assistance in an assessment of technical and regulatory feasibility for establishment of a mitigation bank, Renegade Creek Mitigation Bank in Osceola County, FL. The original project included the restoration of 1,463.3 acres of upland and wetland habitats through hydrological improvements, exotics/ nuisance species treatment, and planting of native species. Input of a revised Mitigation Service Area and restoration plan is being provided.

Port Tampa Bay.png

Port Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL

PACSCON personnel provided technical support regarding the replacement of seagrass and oyster mitigation projects originally proposed for mitigation for the dredging of Berth 150. The original mitigation projects were determined to be unsuccessful. Assisted in preparation of FDEP, FFWCC, and USCG permits.